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Learn Makeup From The Best Books

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What are some book that teach makeup application?

Learn Makeup From The Best Books

A true makeup artist views the face as a canvas. A true visionary in the field of makeup artistry was the late Kevyn Aucoin. He had a remarkable career for almost 20 years as a makeup artist and touched many famous faces and hearts before he passed away in 2002. Makeup in Keyvn's hands truly had the power to transform and show many creative possibilities.

If you want to get a piece of true makeup genius, check out the three books he wrote - The Art of Makeup, Face Forward, and Making Faces. The stunning photographs and detailed instructions are a must-have for anyone learning the craft of makeup artistry. Or, for anyone who just wants to get to know the basics with his detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. Kevyn believed that, “true beauty lies in discovering women's own individuality.” His best-selling books are just a part of his extraordinary legacy.



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