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The Six Essential Makeup Brushes Every Artist Needs

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What kind of makeup brushes should I invest in?

The Six Essential Makeup Brushes Every Artist Needs

Good quality makeup brushes are an investment, but when you spend the money on great brushes and take excellent care of them they will practically last forever. Sometimes it's more practical to buy brushes a la carte. Here are six essential makeup brushes that you should start with:

Foundation - This is made of synthetic hair and is the one that you want to wash most often. Other than foundation, it can also be used for any cream-based products like blush or highlighting fluid.

Concealer - It's just a smaller version of the foundation brush, but can be used for cream- based eye shadows as well.

Powder - Great for loose or pressed powder and bronzer. These natural hair brushes are usually made of sable, squirrel, pony, or goat hair.

Blush – About half the size of the powder brush to layer color onto the apples of the cheeks.

Large Shadow Brush - For applying powder shadow all over the lid, and for pressing shadow into the lower eyelid.

Angled Shadow Brush - This is used to apply shadow to the crease, brow bones, or doing a deeper shade on the outer corners or along the lash line.

These six versatile brushes are the easiest way to start your collection. As you get more advanced with your makeup application you can continue to collect makeup brushes to add to your collection.



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