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A Bargain Makeup Case

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How can I store my makeup?

A Bargain Makeup Case

In order to optimally organize all of your makeup, you should invest in a train case. Professional train cases are a beautiful, elegant way to have all your cosmetics right at your fingertips. They open up so that you can see exactly what you have, and so that your beauty essentials aren't all stacked together in one cramped makeup bag or thrown into a bathroom drawer.

Unfortunately, a good makeup case can be quite expensive. If you would rather invest your money into your makeup than in your case, a good sized fishing tackle box is very similar to a traditional train case. It opens the same way and also has lots of little different-sized storage compartments. Plus, it's made of sturdy material so your makeup will be protected if it happens to get banged around a bit. It's great for travel, too!



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