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Makeup in the Delivery Room

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What kind of makeup will last throughout labor?

Makeup in the Delivery Room

For some, leaving home without their makeup is like leaving home without your shoes. If you're an expecting mom and also a makeup fiend, here's a hint: pack a makeup bag in your hospital bag so you're prepared and primped for labor. Here is what you need:

Waterproof Mascara - Those tears of joy will come when they place that beautiful newborn in your arms, so you want to be ready.

Cream-Based Eye Shadow - This also needs to be waterproof, and usually won't budge until you remove it with makeup remover. Choose a soft bronze shade because it will add warmth and color to the eye area without looking overdone. Stick with just one color.

Waterproof Eyeliner - Just a little on the top lash line for definition. You want your eyes to show up in all the pictures everyone is going to take of you with the baby.

Cheek/lip Stain - This is great on lips too for a radiant Mom glow, even when you have been pushing for hours and there is still no baby!

Your Favorite Lip Balm - Because your lips get so dry during labor, it's the one thing you should keep next to your hospital bed.

Forget the Foundation - It's just going to rub off when you lay your face down on the pillow to scream during contractions. Labor just isn't pretty, but at least you will be!



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