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Keeping Brows Neat and Polished

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Why are properly shaped brows important?

Keeping Brows Neat and Polished

Brows are the most important frame for you face. If the eyes are the picture, then the brows are the perfectly designed frame. So, you need to customize them to look your best.

When brows are waxed or plucked into the optimal shape for your face, it's like having a mini facelift. It will take years off your look, and gives you polish without having to do too much to the eye area. You can also wear less shadow, mascara, and liner if your brows are neat.

One of the best things you can do is to get your brows professionally done in a salon. It's also helpful to the esthetician if you bring in a picture of someone's brow shape that you find appealing. Remember, thin brows look dated on everyone. Pencil-like skinny brows are out, so keep a little fullness to your brows for a more youthful look. Once the right shape is done, you can maintain it at home. Just pluck any stray hairs that come up outside your “new” brows.



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