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The Difference Between Prestige and Masstige- When to Pinch or Pony Up?

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Is department store or drugstore makeup better?

The Difference Between Prestige and Masstige- When to Pinch or Pony Up?

You can separate all cosmetics into three categories:

  • Department store cosmetics, which are considered “Prestige” or luxury brands.
  • Mid-priced products, known as “Masstige”. This term was created by Michael Silverstein and Neil Fiske in their book, "Trading Up." These are mid-priced products that have more of a premium feel to them. Stores including Bath & Body Works, Target, Kohl's, and Wal-Mart are promoting "masstige" products.
  • Lastly, you have your good ol' fashioned drugstore products. These products include mainstream items like Almay, Loreal, Maybelline, and more.
So the question is where should you buy your cosmetics? Other than budget concerns, which common makeup items should you pinch your pennies or pony up for? In a Pinch

Mascara- You replace this product every three months, so why shell out for the expensive kind when most of the cheap formulas are the same as the expensive ones?

Lipgloss- There is not much difference here either, anything clear or sheer is going to be the same as the pricey ones.

Eyeliner- Just make sure it goes on smoothly and isn't dry.

Nail polish- Formulas are the same and unless you use a great topcoat, neither will last more than a few days.

Trends- Anything trendy that you aren't sure will become a staple in your makeup wardrobe you should scrimp on. That bright lime shadow that was perfect for summer and now looks a little too much like lizard's eyelids for example.

Pony Up

Foundation- It's just too hard to find the right color of foundation because you can't try it on. There is also a wider variety of colors at the prestige level for almost all skin tones.

Eyeshadow- The quality and color selection of expensive eyeshadow is vastly superior to what's at the drugstore. They contain more pigment and will wear longer than the less-finely milled drugstore kind. The color is bold and vibrant and you use less overall so they actually last longer, too.

Blush- For the same reason as the eye shadows, and drugstore blushes tend to crumble and break apart. If you drop it, it's a goner. Department store ones will withstand a little rougher treatment in your makeup bag.

Bronzer- It tends to go on smoother and the color selection is better. Drugstore brands tend to be a little too dark or orange.

Brushes- Makeup quality brush hair makes application easier and smoother. Plus, if you take good care of them they'll last forever—it can be a one time only investment.

But pick and choose what works for you, and your budget. A combination of the two can save you money and will definitely round out your makeup collection.



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