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Homemade Lipgloss

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How do you make lip gloss?

Homemade Lipgloss

The easiest recipe for homemade lip gloss is to take a heaping teaspoon of Vaseline or petroleum jelly and put it in a plastic bag along with about a 1/2 teaspoon of cream blush (to add color) and a pinch of finely ground glitter (for glamour). If you want to have some flavor add a couple of drops of flavoring (just any kind of flavoring used for cooking or other edible products). The flavoring will also give it a smell.

You can buy beeswax and make lip balm yourself with that ingredient. There are many recipes on the Internet, just search "lip gloss recipes." You can buy “lip gloss kits” that are ready for you to make your own creations.



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thanks for the tip, I was having a hard time finding what I needed.

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great tip now i don't have to waste my money

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heath said:

hey i love liploss and this is an easy way to make it and cheaply

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im making a project with my friends and this it i a good tip

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