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Babor Coverderm: The Perfect Concealer

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What can I use to cover skin imperfections and discolorations?

Babor Coverderm: The Perfect Concealer

We'd all like to be perfect. But face it, we're not. Skin discolorations can be as benign as freckles or escalate to more serious imperfections like bruises, scars and birthmarks. Those need serious camouflage. Babor Coverderm serves as a base for evening makeup, which tends to be applied heavier for a more dramatic effect. And if you're tired of your tatoo, Coverderm will conceal it without smudging. A fine, translucent fixing powder over Coverderm makes the cream sweat proof, waterproof and smudgeproof. Coverderm comes in six shades but contains preservatives and a fragrance, so if you're normally allergic to these you'll want to opt for a concealer that's fragrance-free. Always read the list of ingredients before purchasing a product to protect yourself from allergic reactions.



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