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Alpha Hydroxy Acids?

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What are Alpha Hydroxy acids?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids?

What is so great about Neostrata? These products, including Coverblend and Exuviance, contain Alpha Hydroxy acids that are essentially exfoliants. They quicken the skin's natural shedding process (a process that becomes more and more slow with age). Alpha Hydroxy acids encourage the skin to discard its surface layer of dead skin cells and then substitute them with beautiful, fresh new ones at a quicker rate. Alpha Hydroxy acids are choosy exfoliaters, they don't just cause any and all cells to shed. Instead they only get rid of the cells that are already dead; they leave all live cells to flourish. There is a big difference between physical exfoliants (scrubs with those tiny beads in them or loofahs) and chemical exfoliants like Alpha Hydroxy acids. Scrubs and loofas physically force the dead cells from the skin exterior, while Alpha Hydroxy acids break up the intercellular adhesive that makes skin cells adhere to one another.



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