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Question 1

What eyecolor should wear grey, plum and pink shades?


Question 2

What eyeshadows look great for green eyes?

Beige, peach, brown

Question 3

What color eyeliner is best for green eyes?

Dark brown
Deep green

Question 4

If wearing only one eyeshadow, where is it placed?

On eyelid
All over

Question 5

If you have copper colored hair, what color family for eyeshadows looks best?

Warm, earthy tones
Earthy tones

Question 6

What color eyeliner does Artiste recommend for someone with copper colored hair?


Question 7

If your eyes have an overhang, what color eyeshadow should you use to minimize it?

Medium to dark shade of brown
Medium to dark shade of grey

Question 8

If you have problems with your skin, what does Artiste say you should

Your eyes

Question 9

If your eyes are red from crying (oh my), what color eyeshadow should you wear?

Not pink

Question 10

What intensity of color eyeshadow should you use to give yourself a wide eyed look?

Light shade
Light on the inside corner of eye

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