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Contact Lenses and Make-up

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How do I minimize problems wearing makeup with contact lenses?

Contact Lenses and Make-up

Here's how to minimize the chances of makeup irritating your eyes when you're wearing your lenses. Apply your make-up after inserting your lenses. You must use waterproof eye make-up and it must be hypo-allergenic. Do not apply eyeliner to the inner edge of the lid or above the lash line on the lower lid. Mascara should be used sparingly and only on the outer half of the lashes. Replace all eye makeup three months after opening and stop using any makeup that seems to be causing irritation or redness in your eyes.



5/20/2009 10:08:54 PM
makeup gurl said:

I have worn contacts since I was 12 and have never worn waterproof - to say th is is a must is very misleading.


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