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Eye Makeup for Asian women

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Can you recommend eye makeup for Asian women?

Eye Makeup for Asian women

For Asian women, using a liquid black eyeliner in a thick line, applied to the top lid, gives the look of an eyelid. You can also try to create a contour with eyeshadow in the area of the crease. This gives more dimension to the eye.



9/17/2006 6:42:06 PM
Hello said:

What? so asian women don't have eyelids now?
Oh, no! Maybe they don't even have EYES! How stupid is this tip anyways? Next time, you could suggest them to paint their entire faces black to give an illusion of having a face.

10/12/2006 4:05:19 PM
h said:

what kind of eye shadow best

12/12/2006 8:19:30 PM
Kirika said:

Nah, sorry, you probably shouldn't. Asians do have eyelids (we'd be blind or perpetually awake if we didn't) but I think a pretty-coloured shadow is infinitely more effective than drawing a double eyelid. Next tip!

2/28/2007 8:19:44 AM
Jade said:

We Asians have beautiful eyes and in case you haven't noticed, many non-asians do what they can to have eyes like us (short of surgery). You can still use regular eye shadows and play with eye makeups. Use a dark eyeliner at the base of the top lid, for day time, apply 1/2 way across, for a more dramatic look, apply all the way across. Have the eyeliner extend slightly upward from the outer corner of the eye. To brighten up the eye, use a white eye pencil on the inner corners (up and down) and whatever you do, use different color eyeshadows, light on top to brow, plums, gold, etc. and take a charcoal with contour brush from the outer corner (middle of lid) and the base of lid and blend at an "arrow." I get compliments on my eyes all the time! And always use mascurara (waterproof not recommended on eyes, since shorter lashes don't adhere to curling as long. Have fun and experiment, I did and I love my eyes!

3/16/2007 11:42:38 PM
sharkky said:

haha actually it works best on top outer lid ends of eyes...i'm Asian and i have big eyes...eyeliner actually makes my eyes look extremely smaller
just depends on you're eyes

8/22/2007 10:19:32 PM
Lei said:

I start from the outer edge and line the upper and lower line of my eye just half way with black liquid liner (MAC fluidliner in black stays on all day!). It creates just enough pop on an Asian eye without looking so made up. One or two coats of mascara and I'm out the door!

3/22/2008 2:37:22 PM
Hello2U said:

Some asian women don't have VISIBLE eyelids, Hello. It's a monolid and it can be very discouraging to wear eye makeup if you don't know how to apply it right. The only problem is that you shouldn't deeply line your top lid with it because it can create an eyelid illusion, but it can also make your eyes look more squinty and even smaller. Try lining the bottom lid with a brown/champagne color and the top with the darker eyeliner. It opens up the eye a little more.

3/9/2010 5:47:43 PM
??? said:

yuh shouldnt be tlkin lyk dat about asian people.

5/16/2010 2:50:22 PM
ur mom said:


7/6/2010 11:12:37 PM
shhsh said:

all of you just shhhhh

8/13/2010 8:33:14 AM
mhhmmmm said:

these comments have been very helpful. thanks!

9/1/2010 4:37:13 PM
Lilly said:

"gives the look of an eyelid"?!? i'm asian and i guess we're not SUPPOSED to have eyelids!?! okay, whatever you say . . .

9/3/2010 1:50:13 AM
an asian. said:

yeah, you put makeup a bit over the crease of your lid. if you have a monolid, a lot of the time this is still possible.
i actually have eyelids (although not very large) so i use navy blue eyeliner and i alternate with the colors.

1/10/2011 7:59:51 PM
bla said:

I found this tip VERY racist.

7/24/2011 4:29:53 AM
skip said:

some be look in too eyes how eyelids it's only with brown'


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