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Fuller Lips

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How can I make my lips appear fuller?

Fuller Lips

To make your lips appear fuller, use a deep shade of lipcolor at the outside corners of lips. Then apply a lighter lipcolor (in similar shade) to the center of the lips. Remember that light brings forward, dark recedes.



11/4/2006 8:29:31 PM
latesha said:

there are alot of products on the market such as lip plumping gloss which makes your lips look alot more pouty than they naturally are

1/1/2007 7:15:46 PM
Haley said:

This is such a good comment for me because I want my lips to be fuller!!!

1/9/2007 3:01:51 PM
gina said:

my lip are really thin but this trick really does work for me. When i do this, my lips look a whole lot fuller and pretty!!

2/19/2007 1:17:54 AM
asuburbanprincess said:

Thanks for the suggestion! You may be interested in reading the article on my blog --"Is your lipstick safe?" I have a series of articles that explaining how some cosmetics have dangerous chemicals in them. I love my make-up! But I also want to make sure its safe. Let's be beautiful and well informed, as well!

5/17/2007 5:55:03 PM
emily said:

Well i am certainly going to try.

6/12/2007 8:24:50 PM
Latisha said:

my lips are not skiny but they are smaller than i want them to be but this tip has gotten me alot of men and they always want to kiss me!!!


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