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Multi Purpose Makeup Items

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What can I use my expensive makeup on besides what it is intended for?

Multi Purpose Makeup Items

Sure your husband and friends may not understand why you bought a $40 eyeshadow palette when there are far cheaper drug store solutions, but if you can get more than one use out of it, the product is well worth the money. There are some products that are perfect for crossing the barriers created by intended function and figuring out what products can pull double duty can save you time, money, and effort. The first item to think about is eyeshadow, finding the perfect shadow to both accentuate and highlight your eyes can be incredibly exciting, but finding a great neutral brown can also mean finding a fantastic contouring color.

Neutral shadows are wonderful for contouring cheeks, chin, and other problem areas without having to buy a separate contour powder. The same goes for highlighter, you can use a shimmery white or off white to highlight and accentuate your cheekbones and other areas rather than buying another product. Eyeshadow can also be used as blush when you find the right color that flatters your skin. Do not assume that just because it is pink that it works. It is important to try out colors to make sure they work with your skin tone.

Another product that is capable of pulling double duty is a flesh colored eye pencil. If you buy in the correct shade, it can help to conceal spots, make your eyes look bigger, and work great as a primer for intensely colored shadows. Flesh colored pencils are great for widening the eyes and brightening dark areas and they are almost always inexpensive. Still another product that does more than it claims is a good lightly tinted lip balm. This can be used to stain and color the lips as well as add hydration, can help to liven up the cheek as a subtle blush color, and can also add sheen to a dull and dreary foundation. Any of these products can easily pull double duty if you are willing to test them out.



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