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Getting the Most out of Any Makeup Application

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I am going to be out all day and have no time for touchups, what can I do to make my makeup last?

Getting the Most out of Any Makeup Application

Taking the time to apply a full face of makeup takes far too long to simply wipe it off at the end of the day or when you are headed out after a night of work. There are some tips and tricks that you can use to transform your makeup and keep it lasting all day no matter what. The start of any long lasting makeup is a good primer or moisturizer. Using primers and moisturizers before you start your application is the best way to insure that the foundation you use really sinks into the skin and sets correctly. If your skin is dry, the makeup will flake and tug as it is applied and if your skin is too oily, the makeup will slip and slide as your face grows in oiliness.

After you get your base lasting all day, you should prime the eyelids to help intensify the color and prevent creasing. The same rules apply to the eyelids as foundation on the face. You need a blank canvas that is the right texture to keep your makeup lasting all day. After you prime, you should take care to apply the shadow generously. Try adding a thin layer at first to help set the primer then build up color as you go to get the intensity and lasting effect that you want and need. The more you blend your shadow, the longer it will last. As you blend, the pigment is pushed further and further into place preventing fall out and keeping the shadow from transferring when you blink. If you blend well your shadow will last far longer than if you simply slap it on and hope it stays.

If you have a good strong base, your face color will stay put as well. Adding things like blush and bronzer to a foundation that has been primed and blended well will not disturb it and your face color will stay as long as your foundation does. With lip color, it is almost always best to add a bit of liner under the color to help the natural wear look better and to keep it in place longer. Adding something like a liner underneath gives the lipstick a foundation that is not your natural lip and therefore it is not as wet, does not have as many factors working against a lipstick, and it helps the lipstick to set and stay put.

With any long lasting makeup, all you should need are routine touch ups like a blend of the shadow here to remove a crease or a light powdering to remove shine from the face. Major reapplication should not be necessary, even if you are going out for the night. To take your look from day to night just add a bit of darker shadow at the edges and lash line of your eyes and blend well. This adds depth and makes your look much stronger. Add some extra mascara to amp up the eyes and consider adding a darker shade of lipstick. If you have a good natural base makeup, you can add just about any colors or extras to take your look from night to day.



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