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How Young is Too Young? Your Child and Makeup

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My 5 year old wants to wear makeup, what should I do?

How Young is Too Young? Your Child and Makeup

Most children find themselves wanting to use makeup because they have seen someone else use it or because of peer pressure. It is important that parents do not shut down immediately and forbid it as children will find ways around harsh rules. It is far better to understand what products and applications are best for younger children and help them through it rather than forbidding it and coming up against dire consequences. There are some forms of makeup that are alright for children to use, using products that are intended for adults is not the best option but there are tons of brands out there that offer kid friendly products to help ease any child through the beginning stages of makeup.

The first product that is perhaps the easiest to let your child wear is something like a tinted lip balm or a lip gloss. This is not quite as harsh as say blue eyeshadow but it still gives the feeling of being a bit more grown up without going overboard. There are tons of great brands like lip smackers, bonne bell, and more that offer tinted balms for the budding adult. It is best with children that if you do let them use makeup you avoid giving them colors that are going to be too intense, try giving them palettes of whites and pastels to play with and experiment with rather than bright blues and blacks. If you are uncomfortable with your child wearing makeup in public, as most parents are, let them play with it at home and get the desire out of their system rather than cracking down on even fun play at home.



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