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Makeup For Every Occasion

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I'm going out, what style of makeup suits a night out?

Makeup For Every Occasion

Finding the right makeup for that special occasion can be difficult as some looks just do not work with every occasion. That being said, here are a few different occasions and looks that are great for them. The first occasion to consider is something that everyone has gone to at one point or another, the party. With party makeup you can be a bit bolder, more out there, edgier, it does not matter if you wear a bit of glitter or a couple extra coats of mascara because it is a party, you want to be noticed. For party makeup you can go a bit heavier on all the elements that you love for day time to amp up the look without being over the top. Try adding dark shadow at the corners of your eyes and lash line to define and make your eyes look bigger and more awake. Also, add a set of false lashes or a bit more mascara to really frame your eyes.

The next occasion to consider is a formal event. This is a bit trickier, you certainly do not want glitter and heavy black shadow as this can seem a bit immature at a formal event. Opt for soft metallic shadows to add a bit of sheen and interest and a sharp liner. Smoky eyes are not the best look for a formal event as they can seem heavy and slightly night time. Try using a liquid liner to get a precise line or even try using shadow on an angle brush for a subtle line. You also want to go light on the mascara, though you can add enough to frame your eyes, adding seven coats until you look like a raccoon can be incredibly problematic. Try adding individual false lashes just at the corners of your eyes for a bit of elegance rather than a full strip which suggests party.

The last occasion to consider is a day time event, this can be a birthday party for the kid across the street or even your kid, a picnic, or a social event that is being held during the day, perhaps outside. With this event you want to keep the makeup simple. Opt for a neutral color like the universally flattering taupe and avoid harsh liner. Something like a soft grey or brown would be great to softly line eyes. Also, avoid heavy mascara and cheek color, try for a couple of coats of brown mascara to give you the easy, put together look without all the muss and fuss.



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