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Lash Extensions, the Basics

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What are lash extensions?

Lash Extensions, the Basics

For many, inadequate lashes is a problem that is not easily remedied by falsies or by plenty of mascara. For some, lash extensions are the only solution. For those that have suffered the slings of a bad set of lash extensions or had no idea how to care for them after application, hopefully these basics will shed some light on the situation. Lash extensions are essentially false lashes that are kept in place by a strong adhesive and last for about three weeks as opposed to the one day false lashes that you can apply at home. The secret is the glue, this glue is about ten times stronger than the glue used in typical false lashes and keeps the extensions in place through every day wear and tear.
The first thing to understand about lash extensions is that there is a good chance they will irritate your eyes for the first couple of days. The average lash extension is about twice as long as the average eye lash and it is quite bulky. Though these extensions are simply a cluster of two or three lashes, they can still prove to be irritating. The second thing to remember is that though they are a part of your natural lash line, they can still become dislodged or fall off if you use cleanser that is too harsh or if you pull at them. Much like hair extensions, you have to use cleansers that are gentle and that will not break down the glue. It is important that you treat your lash extensions as you would your own lashes, do not pull at them or tug, try not to pull them out with tweezers or anything else, and use products on them that will not encourage fall out. The typical lash extension lasts for about two and a half to three weeks before a touch up is needed to reapply lost lashes or remove problem lashes for good. The technician will have special remover that will loosen the glue without tugging which may damage your natural lashes.



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