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Easy Makeup Mistake Fixes

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I've messed up my makeup, what can I do?

Easy Makeup Mistake Fixes

For most wearers of makeup, a mistake can signal the end of a look and a need for total reapplication. Though the first instinct upon smudging your mascara or adding too much blush is to wipe the slate clean and begin again, there are a few tricks you can use to try and salvage your look before you start over. The first and most common mistake that many makeup wearers make is too much blush or other face color. While the initial application may leave you looking like Bobo the clown, with some blending you can fix it. Try using your foundation brush with the foundation that is already on it to blend out the excess color and mute it a bit. The key to fixing this mistake is blending, the more you blend the easier the excess product will fade into the foundation making it a subtle pop of color that you intended.

The second mistake that does not signal the end of a makeup is smudged eyeliner. While it would seem logical to wipe that eye clean and start over, it is not wholly necessary. Try thickening the line that you were drawing to hide the mistake. Sometimes a thicker line can help to lift the eye and give interest to a makeup. If a thicker line is simply not for you, try pressing some black eyeshadow over the line and pull up slightly, this will create a smoky effect that will help to hide any imperfections. The last mistake that is commonly made is using the wrong color lip pencil or lipstick with the gloss or stick that you have chosen. While choosing something that is several shades wrong as opposed to say just a bit wrong is almost always grounds for a do over, using a shade that is one or two shades lighter or darker is not a disaster. Try applying some of the pencil or stick to the outer corers of your mouth then put the other color over top; this will create a graduated effect that will help make the change seamless. Also, make sure you blend well.



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