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Products to Conquer Dry Skin

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What type of products should I use for my dry skin?

Products to Conquer Dry Skin

Dry skin is something that everyone battles at some point or another especially during the winter months. There are a few different types of products to consider when it comes to conquering dry skin and each has distinct benefits. The first category is lotions. These are generally spot treatments that help for a short while and need reapplication in order to keep skin hydrated. While drugstore lotions are great for those seeking instant relief, they are not a permanent solution and should be used only to treat the issue temporarily. The next category is balms. These are great for intensive healing and do help keep moisture locked in for a longer period of time. Balms are great for cracked or extremely dry skin that is common on feet and elbows and they are a fantastic long term solution. As with lotions however, most do need continual application and use to keep skin looking soft and supple. The next category to consider is supplements. This can be a vitamin that is focused on skin and nail health, something that helps to hydrate the body, or something that helps to keep your skin and nails balanced. While these are a good addition to any diet and can help bolster healthy fats in the blood stream they are often not enough to remedy dry skin on their own.

For dry skin of the face there are also several different categories. The first again is lotion, this should be part of a daily routine to help your skin keep moisture locked in and to help prevent wrinkles and dry spots. Lotions are good for everyday dryness but for chronic dryness other products will be needed. Balms are not optimal for the face unless you are using them on the lips. Serums are a great way to get intensive moisture that can help rehydrate cells and help your face retain moisture. They are also a welcome addition to a daily routine. Lastly, deep hydrating masks are good to get your skin looking healthy and glowing but should not be used every day as they can cause oil build up and breakouts. Using any one of these to help remedy dry winter skin is a great way to keep your skin looking healthy through the long winter months.



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