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How to Conceal Dark Spots

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How do I cover up dark spots and bruises?

How to Conceal Dark Spots

Everyone has been there at some time or another, you have your face under control and your skin looks great save for one dark spot. There are plenty of ways that you can cover up dark spots quickly and easily without caking on the foundation. The first and most common is to spot conceal, this is optimal in the summer months when a full face of foundation just does not fit the bill. Spot concealing is a great way to get your face looking great without spending loads of time or product on it. The first thing you need to do when covering any dark spot or bruise is to clean the area well and moisturize. Irregularities in the skin are often different in texture as well which means that foundation or concealer may not go on smoothly. After moisturizing the area you need to study it to figure out what colors are most predominant. If you have a dark spot that has purple in it you want to find a concealer that has yellow in it to cancel out the purple. If your dark spots are greener in color you want something with some red or coral to cancel out the color. For the run of the mill dark spot you can just use your regular concealer in stages. It is important to build up color rather than slathering on foundation thick to start off. Try adding a thin layer of concealer or foundation then let it dry completely before adding more. After you have reached your desired amount of coverage you need to make sure that the area matches the rest of the face and be sure to powder well. Powdering is the best way to keep the makeup in place all day. You can also spot conceal with your regular foundation routine just conceal then use your foundation as usual to blend the two seamlessly together.



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