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Should Makeup Have Budget, Cost of Makeup Over Time

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Should I budget my makeup spending?

Should Makeup Have Budget, Cost of Makeup Over Time

Makeup is one of the most expensive essentials that women and men across the globe spend their hard earned money on every year. It is easy to rack up a sizeable bill over the course of a year with small purchases here and there over the course of months. It is important that users understand the basic costs of makeup over time and understand what to spend on and what to save on. The first thing to consider is foundations and concealers. It is incredibly important to test the formula, color, and wear before you purchase, that is why most brands offer a tester especially in department store settings. Understanding how a foundation looks, feels, and lasts is the best way to avoid buying three or four until you find the one that works best for you.

Going to a department store and buying a foundation that has been picked for you may cost a bit more at the outset but can help you save hundreds in the long run. In order to see this difference it is important to compare. Say you buy one department store foundation that has been picked especially for you, this will likely cost around $50 USD. Now say someone else buys a drug store brand that does not work and they have to continue to buy until they get one that is right. The average drugstore brand foundation is about $12 USD so after buying only four without considering taxes, they have already spent as much as a department store and they have a product that is not as useful or suited as the other. Products that cost a bit more also tend to have better ingredients that will last a bit longer than other brands.

The next category is eyeshadow. Now this is not a product that you should spend hundreds of dollars on every year as most formulas are similar and you are likely only paying for the celebrity endorsement and fancy packaging. While there are some subtle differences in product like the wear-ability and texture, most often the biggest difference in eyeshadow brands is the color pay off. That being said however you can get the most expensive shadow on the market and it may have less of a pay off than a drugstore brand. The goal of most people is to have as many different shadows as possible and the best way to do that is to buy one or two luxury shadows then use drugstore for everything else. You can make drugstore shadows last longer with a primer. One designer shadow can cost as much as $30 USD while the average drugstore shadow costs around $4.99 USD.

The last category is the everything else category, this can mean mascara, liner, lipstick, blush, etc. This is another category that you should shop from the drugstore for. Buying designer mascaras may seem like a great idea but in reality they last just as long as a drugstore brand and they are three times as expensive. When buying a mascara the brush is more important than the formula which means that you should pay attention to the shape, size, and length of the brush to decide which mascara is right for you. Depending on brand names for mascaras is a bad idea as you will end up getting an expensive product that is nearly identical to the cheaper drug store brand. A designer mascara usually costs around $30 USD while the average drugstore brand is only $6.99 and lasts just as long.



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