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Storing Your Makeup

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How should I store my makeup?

Storing Your Makeup

For all those people that rush out to buy the latest in makeup and beauty care, there is nothing worse than going to your makeup and finding that it has been smashed, separated, or destroyed due to improper storage methods. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help keep your makeup looking great as long as possible. Storage methods differ according to what sort of makeup you are working with. To start, liquid makeup always needs to be stored upright with the cap secured and with nothing stacked on top of it. Liquid makeup like foundation can easily spill, leak or get cracked if stored in a haphazard manner and can end up in your makeup getting ruined not long after you buy it. For makeups that are powder or cake, you need to make sure that the area in which you are storing them is dry and not exposed to too much light. Heat, wetness and light are a powder or cake makeup's worst enemy. You need to make sure with a cake or powder makeup like an eyeshadow or a powder foundation that you keep it dry and out of extreme heat and light to keep the consistency the same. With other makeup like eyeliner pencils, lip pencils and other pencil products, you need to be sure that the sharpened point of your pencil is always capped to keep the tip from getting blunt or from getting all over other items in your bag or box. Make sure that if you have a pencil product you keep the point secured to prevent injury. For cream products, you need to avoid extreme heat, keep them dry but not overly so, and make sure that the cap is always secured to prevent items from drying out. With any makeup, you need to be sure that you regularly go through and remove items that are overly damaged, that may contaminate other items, or that are expired beyond use.



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