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Three Minute Makeup Tips

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What can I do with only three minutes to get my makeup on?

Three Minute Makeup Tips

Sometimes when life gets a bit hectic, it becomes very easy to forget to take time to make yourself up or just feel pretty. Though hectic schedules are something that can in no way be avoided, there are some quick ways that you can shorten your makeup routine and still get full glamour. The first thing to remember is that if your base and skin look good, the rest of the makeup does not really matter all that much. If you have a perfect base, everything else is a bit more forgiving. Having smooth, even skin is a great way to look effortlessly done up. The next tip you can consider is to go light on the eye makeup. For a day look, minimal shadows are best in any case and by doing less with your eyes you can focus on the skin and on lips. Slap on some mascara and liner and you are ready to go with half the effort that it takes to get a perfect smoky eye. The last thing you need to consider to help get you out the door quickly is that a bold lip can instantly brighten up any look. If you are feeling a bit drab or like your makeup is not doing enough, try using a bright color on the lip to detract from the simplicity of other aspects and to help balance out your makeup for the perfect quick look.



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