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Cream Shadows as A Base

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What sort of base should I use for my powder shadows?

Cream Shadows as A Base

Getting your makeup to last all day long is one of the hardest tasks to master when it comes to makeup application. There are a few quick tips and tricks that you can use to get your shadows to last all day long with minimal creasing; the secret is using cream shadows as a base. Though cream shadows can be incredibly appealing and beautiful on their own, using a cream shadow as a base can help your shadows be more vibrant, satiny, and longer lasting than any primer. Though primers are a good idea if you have oily lids, using a cream shadow is just as good as a primer.

The key to using a cream shadow as a base is to choose a color that is both vibrant and pigmented but that goes well with the powder shadow that you will be using. For colors, like browns and taupe, you want to use a cream shadow that is neutral and skin colored, opt for those shades that are near to the color of concealer, peaches and light browns work well. With vibrant colors like blues and greens, you either want to use a blue or green cream shadow to enhance the powder shadow or use a white or nude to allow the powder shadow to shine. With blacks, you always want to use a black or charcoal cream shadow base so that you can get the inky color that is essential to the look.

A cream shadow acts in two ways. One, it removes oil and creates a barrier between the skin and the powder shadow. It is the oil on the eyelids that creates unattractive creasing and makes shadow flake and fall as the day goes on. Secondly, cream shadow gives you a blank canvas to work from, this blank canvas is best when working with powder shadows as it covers up any imperfections and it allows for a smooth satin finish. Make sure that you pack the powder shadow on and that you blend the edges nicely to finish the look.



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