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Shadows That Make Your Eye Color Pop

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What shadow colors look best with what color eyes?

Shadows That Make Your Eye Color Pop

There are certain colors that make every eye color look fabulous and then there are colors that are a bit more eye color specific. Using colors that are unique to your own eye color is a great way to get your eyes looking incredibly vibrant with just a few brush strokes. The first category of shadows to consider are universally flattering colors. These are things like silver and gold. These colors look great on every eye color and can serve to accent or intensify any eye color quickly and easily. Black is another universally flattering color to consider.

The science behind intensifying your eyes with shadows comes from the color wheel. Choosing colors that are opposite of your own eye color is the best way to draw attention to your eyes and make your eye color pop. For green eyes, purples and silver tone browns are fantastic. You may also want to use other greens to bring out the green in your eyes. Things like dark plum or cranberry are great for bringing green eyes up to speed.

For brown eyes, blues are always great. Using something like a deep royal blue or a shimmery silvery blue is a great way to bring out the brown in your eyes quickly and easily. For blue eyes, oranges and russet tones are always flattering and can be worn through the year. And for hazel eyes, using greens and browns is a great way to accent your eye color. You do not have to use shades that are flattering only to your eye color but using these shades is a great way to accent your eyes quickly and easily.



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