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Applying Gel Eyeliner

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How do I apply gel eyeliner, what sort of brush should I use?

Applying Gel Eyeliner

There are some things in makeup that are just down right tricky no matter how hard you try to master them. Gel eyeliner is one of them. There are a few basics that you can master, however, that can help you get your gel eyeliner looking great in just a few seconds. The first thing you need to consider is the formula that you will be working with. You want a gel eyeliner that is not too wet and not too dry. If it is too dry, you end up getting drag marks and your liner looks dotty and fragmented. If your liner is too wet you can smudge and end up with liner all over your face before it has time to dry. You are looking for a liner that is medium in both dryness and wetness, and that has just the right amount of slide. You can test this on your hand and if the brush moves easily and the liner dries fairly quickly, then you have the right formula.

You then need to consider what type of applicator you will be using. There are some great gel liners that come in pencil form if you are at all uncertain about using a brush. Using a brush, however, does give you a bit more control over the product. If you choose to use a brush, you can either use a tapered fine liner brush or an angled brush. A fine liner brush is a bit easier for getting a very thin line or for a dramatic cat eye but an angled brush does offer a bit more control if you are just starting out. When using a brush you want to rest your pinky just below your eye on your cheekbone for added stability.

Starting from the center of the lid, you then need to work your line out to the corner of your eye. If you are going to do a cat eye, you may want to draw the shape first then fill in the flick after you are satisfied with the shape. After you have the outer half of your eye lined, you need to work from the tear duct area to meet the line that you have already drawn. If you mess up, do not get overly stressed, you can always thicken the line to cover up any imperfections or simply clean it off and start again. With liner, practice makes perfect.



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