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Organic Style Beauty

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Organic Style Beauty

There is nothing "natural" about getting made up. We paint our faces with layers of foundation, dark lip color, black eyeliner, etc. It's an intense process that's done to show off our features. But lately, some companies have really started to focus on the idea of “organic beauty”.

This is a relatively new beauty category, but if you care about things that are organic then you might want to check out some organic beauty companies. How can you tell which products are organic? We see the word “organic” slapped on tons of different products. Many of the foods we eat, clothes we wear, and cleaning products we use have jumped on the organic bandwagon. The U.S Department of Agriculture regulates what food products can be classified as organic, but skincare and makeup do not fall under that regulation.

If you are interested in using organic beauty products make sure you are using a product that is truly organic? Consumer Reports says to, “…look for a seal that says the product is certified organic.” It's not going to be a seal specifically from the U.S.D.A. though, because they don't allow their seal to be used on cosmetic products. You can also check out the list of ingredients. Some are specific ingredients that are approved by the U.S.D.A. It will usually say whether or not the ingredient is certified organic. If you see a bunch of chemicals or preservatives, then that means it's most likely not completely organic.

A beauty website that is part of the organic movement is They have an extensive list of companies that are “globally conscious” and sell some of these beauty brands. Companies that practice fair trade, are eco-friendly (high organic content), and cruelty-free (no animal testing) are also featured.



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