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Best concealer makeup

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Best concealer makeup

The best concealer makeup for a person is very individual to each person. If you are only balancing skin tone and you do not have a lot of blemishes, scars or major discoloration in your skin, you are going to want a thin water based or liquid concealer make up. If you have one or more scars which you would like to banish from sight you are going to want a scar concealer. Scar concealers are usually not real heavy but may be of a “cake” consistency if this is the type of concealer you would prefer or need you will want to use the feather technique to apply and cover your scar. When applying concealer to a scared area you will look at tone, texture and size of the scar. For a scared area which has a bit of a raised area you may want a couple different concealer shades. You would apply the lighter shade concealer to the darker area of the scar and blend until the darker area is now the lighter area. Next you will want to your “normal” concealer shade on the scared area and feather to blend it into your other facial skin tones. You will need to practice this technique until you get the proper depth perception, contrast and concealed appearance you are looking for. Each scar is different and may need to be worked with until you have a less apparent appearance of the scared area.



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