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Cover up make up

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Cover up make up

Cover up make up can one of a girls best friends if used properly. No two people have the same skin type, tone or texture so your concealing makeup should be very unique and individual to you. When choosing a concealing makeup you will want to take into account first and foremost your skin tone. You will want to try and match the color to your wrist, for most people their true facial tone is reflected in the tone of the skin on the underside of their wrist. If you can place a small amount of concealer on your wrist and it blends in very nicely with little effort, then this should be a good shade for you. It some times takes some trial and error to get the perfect concealing makeup, but it will be well worth the effort when you finally get it right. The next thing you will want to look for will be the consistency of the product, if you are in need of makeup for acne scars you will most likely want a product that is a little “heavier” than some. Most concealing makeup which comes in a tube or “cake” will usually give you the coverage you are looking for. If “scars” are not your concern and you are just looking to blend your facial tones, you may want a “lighter” concealing makeup which will blend smoothly cover the “blotchy” areas to give you a cleaner more vibrant appearance.



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