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Hiding Blemishes with Concealer Make up is a Must

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Hiding Blemishes with Concealer Make up is a Must

The use of concealer make up has been around since the late 1930’s. In fact, it was created by the make up company Max Factor. This type of facial make up in the 1930’s and even today is a blessing for women, and men, who are trying to hide imperfections such as blemishes, moles, dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tones and even unattractive veins. Even blotches all over or on parts of facial skin can now be hidden in seconds. The first thing friends, family or strangers usually see, while up close are wrinkles or dark circles around the eyes. Instead of keeping these signs of aging in plain sight, it is time to hide them.

Now, let’s say someone is trying to hide a scar on their face. In this instance, a scar concealer is a must to purchase. When applying this to the face, it is always recommended to follow the directions for best results. Having an imperfection of the face can be unwelcoming to anyone with a scar and to those who see it. Finding the right shade that matches your facial skin tone is just as important. Along with finding the right shade, one has to consider what medium they want to use. There is a solid or liquid product to choose from.

Depending on what the scar concealer is for, read all the information on each product type before purchase. When using the solid product, it is good to know this a heavier product. Most people with facial scarring will purchase the solid because it, more likely than not, will come with a healing ingredient. On the other hand, the liquid scarring product is lighter and is used more for those who are showing signs of aging. Whatever product is chosen, it is always important to read the label first before deciding on when one is best suited for your needs.



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