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Make Up Tips for Prom: A Quick Blush Review

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How can I find the right blush?

Make Up Tips for Prom: A Quick Blush Review

Many women struggle with blush application – trying to create a look that is natural and radiant. Although application is important, finding a high-quality product can perk up drab skin and create a radiant glow. Read on to learn more about how to find great products based on blush reviews and great makeup tips for prom.

Before applying any blush product, it's important to prime the face. Apply moisturizer then use a foundation brush to apply primer and foundation. This will create a silkier look when applying blush.

When choosing a blush, select a product that rates high in beauty products reviews. Mark Shimmer Tubes Hook Up Gel Blush receives top rating and comes in a mini tube which is small enough to fit in your purse. And since the blush is a gel, it's great for all skin types. Choose a shade in pearly pink, peach or bronzing colors for the summer months.

Another blush that consistently receives high marks is Nars Blush. This blush is rated high by women and celebrities alike. The blush is super sheer and brightens the face without using a heavy application.



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