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How to Choose Lipstick

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How should I choose lipstick?

How to Choose Lipstick

If you have numerous lipstick tubes floating around your makeup bag, you're not alone. Choosing a lipstick is tricky business. Reading a lipstick review and a few tips can help you find the perfect product. Read on to learn how to choose lipstick.

Read lipstick reviews. Having this information can allow you to learn the good and bad about any product, without wasting any money. Companies like allow you to read and write lipstick reviews for free.

Check out Long-Lasting Color. If you need your color to last for several hours, check out products like Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick. Other semi-permanent lipsticks can make lips feel dry, but this product is made with vitamins to provide more moisture.

Choose a subtle lip color. If you prefer a natural look, choose a lip color like Clinique Almost Lipstick, which provides softer color than heavier formulas.



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