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Step-by-Step Eye Makeup Guide

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How can I apply eye makeup?

Step-by-Step Eye Makeup Guide

Even if you've been applying eye makeup for years, it helps to have fresh new tips. Read on to learn how to achieve a more seamless look when applying eye makeup.

The first step in applying eye makeup is to use a primer. A simple foundation primer will work around the eye area and provides a more flawless look. Then, apply your concealer to the eye area and use a foundation brush to apply foundation to the entire face and eye area. This will create a nice base for applying eye makeup.

Once you've created a base, it's time to choose eyeshadow. Choose a product that rates high in beauty product reviews, such as L'Oreal Paris HiP Concentrated Shadow Duo. The lighter color in the palette should be applied all over the eyelid. Then, use an eyeshadow crease brush to sweep the darkest color in your creases. Apply a liner to the top lid only and sweep on 1 to 2 coats of mascara to finish off the look.



7/3/2009 4:12:48 PM
Amy said:

does this apply to oily skin?

7/6/2009 5:40:59 PM
Tammy Wynecoop said:

what color eye sdadow for native black eyes would you recommend they have eye sahdow for brown eyes but not black.

4/30/2010 6:32:20 PM
kelly said:

thank s that really helped


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