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Concealer Tips: Getting Rid of Dark Circles

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How can I get rid of dark circles?

Concealer Tips: Getting Rid of Dark Circles

Whether you have hereditary dark circles or just the occasional issue, there are concealing tips that can help. Read on to learn how to choose and apply the best products to make dark circles vanish.

First, apply an eye cream to smooth out dryness around the eyes. This will allow concealer to stick better and will make eyes appear more rejuvenated. Use a product designed to minimize hemoglobin degradion (which causes dark circles), such as Bremenn Research Labs Hylexin Eye Cream.

After you've waited for the eye cream to absorb for a few minutes, apply the concealer. Choose a product that rates high on concealer reviews, such as Pixi Eye Bright Kit. Women with dark purple circles swear that this product totally gets rid of the problem. Use your finger to gently dab the concealer on dark eye circles and the eyelid area. Don't forget to apply in the corners of your eyes, which are often very dark. After you've concealed, you can finish your look off with a moisturizing foundation and set with loose powder.



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