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Beauty Advice: Tips for Basic Makeup Application

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How can I learn about basic makeup application?

Beauty Advice: Tips for Basic Makeup Application

Even if you've been wearing makeup for years, having a few new tips can make application smoother and help you achieve a more flawless look. Read on to learn quick beauty tips for applying your makeup.

Choose the right tools. When applying foundation, you'll achieve a smoother application by using a foundation brush instead of your fingers or a sponge applicator. Also, use a big powder brush to apply loose powder, as this will create a more natural look.

Don't forget primer. Many women shy away from primer because they're afraid it will look and feel cakey. If you choose the right product, like Lola Refine Prime Foundation Primer, you won't even feel it. Just make sure to moisturize first to provide the smoothest possible application.

Apply makeup in natural light. Have you ever seen women with a distinctive line between their makeup and neck? If you apply makeup in natural light, you can avoid this. If your house doesn't have a lot of natural light, check makeup outside with a compact to avoid harsh makeup lines.



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