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GoSMILE B1 Teeth Whitening Kit

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What is GoSmile?

GoSMILE B1 Teeth Whitening Kit

If you are looking for a safe and effective tooth whitening system, consider the GoSMILE B1 Teeth Whitening Kit.

All GoSMILE products were professionally formulated by Jonathan B. Levine, DMD. GoSMILE B1 uses a concentrated active ingredient that stays on teeth four times longer than most home teeth whitening gels. Because of its concentration, you will get effective, long lasting results. The GoSMILE gel comes in a variety of delicious flavors that don't taste like chemicals or bleach.

The GoSMILE B1 teeth whitening system contains single dose ampoules that you paint directly on your teeth using the built-in applicator. The targeted application allows you to use more of the product on problem teeth. Each B1 kit contains 20 ampoules, though you will only need to use 14 of them to complete the process. Also included is an instructional DVD/CD where Dr. Levine explains the technology and method of the GoSMILE system.

You can purchase the GoSMILE B1 system, as well as GoSMILE refill ampoules and toothpaste products at



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