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Teeth Whitening Methods

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What teeth whitening methods are available?

Teeth Whitening Methods

If you are looking to whiten and brighten your smile, there are many teeth whitening methods available. Many of the professional teeth whitening methods are expensive and are done through multiple trips to the dentist. Other, more affordable, teeth whitening methods can be done at home.

Laser Teeth Whitening

This professional teeth whitening process consists of the cleaning and removal of any plaque along the gum line, followed by the application of a peroxide gel. Then a special laser light is used to activate the gel to whiten the teeth. Dentists claim that this process can whiten teeth by as many as 10 shades in one sitting. The cost for laser teeth whitening can vary drastically from dentist to dentist depending on the technology used and your desired level of whiteness. Often this method can cost in excess of $2,000.

Professional Teeth Bleaching

A special teeth bleaching gel is applied at the dentist office, followed by a special activating light. This procedure usually takes about two hours and costs less than $1000. Patients are given a home bleaching kit for a self follow-up treatment.

Custom Tray Bleaching

Patients go to the dentist office to be fitted with a custom mouth tray. They are given a bleaching gel which is placed in the tray and worn for a period of time each day. This period is normally two hours but sometimes can be overnight. This procedure is a more gradual process than the previously mentioned methods and takes weeks for patients to see the full whitening effect. The cost, however, is much less than the other professional treatments.

At-Home Whitening Methods

There are several over-the-counter products you can use to whitening your teeth at home, including pastes, overnight gels and tray methods. When choosing a method, consider the cost of teeth whitening. At, you can find affordable teeth whitening systems from top brands such as GoSMILE.



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