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Types of Eye Shadow

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How do you apply different types of eye shadow?

Types of Eye Shadow

When applying eye makeup, you can select from different forms of eye shadow such as powder, cream and liquid.

The most common form of eye shadow is powder. Powder is very portable and comes in pressed compacts. These compacts can contain one or many coordinating shades. You can apply powder eye shadow with the sponge applicator that is usually included with the compact. But for more precise color, you should invest in a professional makeup brush set, that includes several brushes of varying sizes. To get deeper color, wet your sponge applicator or brush before applying shadow. For a smudged look, use your finger tip.

In addition to pressed compacts, powder eye shadow can come in loose powder form in a small plastic container or tub. Normally, mineral eye shadows come in this form. The only disadvantage of loose powder shadow compared to pressed eye shadow is the risk of spilling it.

Cream eye shadows usually come in compacts or small tubs. You can apply cream shadow with a brush or your fingertip. The main disadvantage of cream shadow is that it tends to crease easily. One way to prevent creasing is to apply a thin layer of primer or concealer to your entire eyelid from the lash line to the brow bone. This base will create a barrier between the oils in your skin and the shadow, reducing the chance of creasing.

To further set your cream eye shadow, use a powder puff to apply a thin layer of translucent powder over the eye area after you have applied your eye shadow.

Liquid eye shadow normally comes in a bottle resembling a small nail polish bottle. To apply the shadow, shake the bottle, then dip a brush or sponge applicator into the liquid. Sweep the liquid over your eyelid evenly. You can use your finger tip to smooth it out. Liquid eye shadow has a lot of pigment, so a little goes a long way.

Other Forms
You can find eye shadow in a pen-like form with a built-in sponge applicator at the end. This eye shadow is usually a thick liquid, but not as thick as cream. Apply the shadow directly from the container and use your fingertip to blend. You can also buy liquid eye shadow in wand form, similar to lip gloss. Use the wand to apply the color directly to your lids.

At, you can find a multitude of different eye shadows from Too Faced Cosmetics, Suki and Bloom.



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