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Secret Lip Gloss Hiding Place

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I don't want to carry my handbag, where can I stash my lipgloss?

Secret Lip Gloss Hiding Place

If you are out going out for a night on the town and you don't plan on carrying a handbag or clutch, where in the world will you put your lip gloss? Thank goodness for jeans. The "fifth pocket" was originally made to hold a pocket watch. But, a mini lip gloss fits perfectly into that tiny space! If you are wearing a dress or skirt, hiding your lip gloss is a little trickier. But that's why man invented underwire bras (or at least, we think that's one of the reasons). Stick your mini lip gloss or lipstick in the front-middle section of your bra. The underwire helps hang onto it so the gloss stays secure against your skin and doesn't fall out. Now, you can always be sure to have lip gloss on hand for touch-ups throughout the night. Don't worry—it will be our little secret!



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