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Creating a Beauty Mark

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How can I create a beauty mark?

Creating a Beauty Mark

If you aren't naturally blessed with a fabulous beauty mark a la Cindy Crawford, Madonna or Marilyn Monroe, you can create one. This is especially helpful if you have a large blemish to conceal, and you are going to be wearing a decent amount of makeup. This look does not work on a bare face. Most importantly, place the beauty mark within a half inch or inch of the lips to draw attention to that feature. You can always use a dark, medium, or light brown pencil to draw on the beauty mark. Make sure you set it with powder so that it doesn't smudge. Or, you can try a stick-on beauty mark! Hottie Dots ( ) is an easy-to-apply peel and stick-on beauty mark. It comes in three different natural colors in packets of 16 for around $5. They can be applied under or over makeup. Try their Rainbow collection if you want to draw some extra attention to your look!



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