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Permanent Makeup

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Should I get some permanent makeup done?

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is actually not makeup at all. It's just a tattoo on the skin that is meant to look like makeup. One of the best aspects of makeup is its ability to be washed off. The possibilities are endless with a blank canvas and the different types of looks you can create. Luckily, regular makeup is not permanent. If it were, we would never be as willing to try different colors and trends. We would not even pick up that aqua eyeliner if there was a chance that it wasn't going to come off.

For those needing reconstruction after mastectomy surgery to recreate facial features, or to camouflage scars or burns, permanent makeup might be the perfect solution. It is also helpful for those who have Alopecia and need eyebrows from loss of facial hair. Keep in mind that this procedure should be done by a licensed permanent cosmetics technician. Make sure you see pictures of their previous work, and know that even though it is considered a permanent procedure, fading usually occurs and touch-ups will be needed periodically to maintain the look.



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