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Remove Your Makeup

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Do I have to remove my makeup at night?

Remove Your Makeup

When actors have been in heavy makeup on the set all day or at a red carpet event, they understand the importance of taking it all off. They can't wait to get their skin clean because they know the secret to having great looking skin in the morning is removing all that makeup at night, and this is one of the most important beauty tips you can follow. If you leave it on overnight, it can clog your pores causing all kinds of breakouts, blackheads, and uneven skin tone. Plus, your skin renews itself at night and can't effectively do that if it's covered in old makeup.

You need two separate products to remove your makeup—a facial cleanser best for your skin type that has a makeup solvent in it, and, if you wear eye makeup, an eye makeup remover to help remove stubborn mascara, eyeliner, and leftover shadow. You don't want to scrub your eye area with your regular cleanser, it's too delicate. Regular facial cleanser just won't remove all traces of eye makeup. The holy grail of eye makeup removers is Lancôme's Bi-Facil ($24). This dual-phase liquid easily removes every last bit of eye makeup and won't irritate the eye area. Then, you're ready to go get your beauty sleep, which is also one of those essentials that everyone needs!



1/13/2011 12:42:47 AM
Carol said:

Ponds cold cream works as well as anything to take off all kinds of makeup and you do not have to pay the high price.

1/7/2012 6:12:56 AM
rhemzquilario said:

well now ill do these.
coz i dont do it evrytym i hve a mke up.


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