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Know Your Best Feature

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How can I find out what my best features are?

Know Your Best Feature

Stars are used to makeup artists and stylists determining how to make them look the best they possibly can. In the beginning of practically any interview with a celebrity, the reporter inevitably describes the celebrity's beauty with or (usually) without makeup. A writer once described Salma Hayek's skin as “having no pores”. Well, that's just crazy!

Stars do have a way of finding their best features with the help of a good a makeup artist. They understand that flaws can be deflected by focusing on other better features. For example, if someone has thin lips, then they can play up the eyes, and take the focus away from their lips. Or, show off killer cheekbones with a highlighting powder dusted along them to make them pop. Take a look at your face in the mirror. What do you like best about your features? What do you want to highlight and showoff? Don't be afraid to say what you think is beautiful about you and use it to your advantage!



10/17/2008 10:51:42 PM
betsy said:

that is sooo hared because you still feel like everyone is looking at your bad spots i work at the body shop and this is a very true statement. i always play up my lips for a cute pucker

5/8/2010 6:15:39 AM
sable said:

but how easily a nice face is spoiled by a glaring imperfection. I have big, prominent, stand-out-a-mile cheekbones and lips...and nose.


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