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The True Cost of Hair & Makeup

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How much do celebrites pay for having their own makeup artist?

The True Cost of Hair & Makeup

Having hair and makeup professionals at your beck and call is not cheap. Wouldn't everyone love to have someone artfully apply their makeup each morning? But alas, only people with unlimited means can afford to have help on hand to keep them beautiful at all times. So what does a makeup artist cost a celebrity?

Makeup artists and other style makers are usually represented by an agent who gets them work with celebrity clients. The Wall Group is a popular agency that has a pool of talented artists, including famous makeup artist for Dior, Patti Dubroff. Art & Commerce also represents a number of prominent makeup artists, like Gucci Westman Neville (Lancôme's artistic director) and Tom Pecheaux (creative director of Shiseido). More established makeup artists can earn quite a high rate starting at around $1000 a day, and going up depending on who they are working on. When travel is involved, that gets taken care of by the celebrities or the studios.



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