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Celebrity Skin Wellness

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What do celebrites go through to get their skin so perfect?

Celebrity Skin Wellness

Celebrities can afford to have top estheticians and dermatologists tending to their skin. Anyone with the right skin care routine can have a beautiful complexion. You have to remember that any makeup is only going to look as good as your skin does. Makeup on top of skin that isn't cared for correctly is going to fall into pores, lines, and build up on dry skin.

Get your skin in peak condition by using the right cleanser for your skin type. Cleanse twice a day. Moisturizer containing an SPF for day will help protect your skin for the future. To get rid of dead skin cells and maintain a clearer, brighter complexion, you need to exfoliate. This will help you prep your skin for your makeup. Exfoliate no more than three times a week because any more than that just strips away your skin. If you can see a skincare specialist like Hollywood's Best Kept Secret, Kate Somerville, do it. She has a world-renowned “medi-skin” clinic in Los Angeles, and takes time to analyze each client's unique skin care needs in the hopes of achieving “total skin wellness.”



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