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The Best Way To Apply Foundation

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What tools should I use to apply my foundation?

The Best Way To Apply Foundation

There are three methods to applying foundation. They all work fine, but for optimum application use a foundation brush. This tool is the best way to apply foundation evenly and achieve the proper flawless coverage.

With a brush, which should be made of synthetic fibers and not natural hair, you can get into all contours of the face, like around the nose area and chin. When using the brush you want to use downward strokes to blend, or you can go in a circular motion for a more sheer finish. Another reason it's best to use a brush is that you use less foundation overall. You can apply the foundation directly to the brush, or you can dab the foundation directly on your face and then blend with the brush. If you use your fingers to apply your makeup, it's going to look streaky and you end up wiping a lot of it away. Beware of the foundation sponge--sponges can harbor bacteria easily and absorb too much of your foundation too fast.



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