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The Ultimate Smoky Eye

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How do I create a smoky eye look?

The Ultimate Smoky Eye

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so by drawing attention to them, the effect will be magnetic! Nothing screams drama like the ultimate smoky eye. You need four eye products to create this show-shopping look.

First, blend a medium metallic-based cream eye shadow in dark bronze or grey all over the eyelid, and into the crease. Apply a sweep of the cream shadow under the lower lash line so that the entire eye is rimmed with it. Then, layer a deep powder shadow over the eyelid, pressing it into the lid with an eye shadow brush to get the maximum amount of pigment onto the lid. You want the effect to be opaque and strong. Then, take a kohl-based eyeliner in black or dark grey to line your eyes with. Start very close to the lash line so that there aren't any spaces between your lashes and the liner. The line doesn't have to be perfect either; you can smudge it with a sponge tip or with a Q-tip to soften the edge. Lastly, apply black mascara and coat your lashes thoroughly.

This diva-ful eye look doesn't require much else. Go lightly with the blush and keep your lips sheer and glossy, so that the focus is only on your eye area.



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