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A Candlelight Glow for Flawless Skin

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How do I make my skin radiant?

A Candlelight Glow for Flawless Skin

A true diva never wants to blend in, so matte skin is out because it doesn't reflect the light. You need the light! You want to create a face that attracts attention and just glows so find a candlelight finish for your makeup. There are a couple of ways to achieve this incandescent look.

Take a liquid highlighter, one that has a soft shimmer to it, and blend a few drops right into your foundation. Or, if you have a powder based highlighter, mix it with a little loose powder and brush it all over your face with an extra large powder brush to set your foundation. This will give you an enhanced radiance all over your face, so whenever the light hits your skin, it will look flawless.



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