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Red Lipstick is True Glamour

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Can I wear red lipstick?

Red Lipstick is True Glamour

There is something about red lipstick that just screams glamour! A truly red lipstick has the power within a single tube to transform your entire face, but you need confidence to carry off a red lipstick. Throughout history, red lips have been a symbol of beauty. From early Egyptian days when Cleopatra would paint hers red with henna, to screen legends like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, whom people still copy for their famous lips. And if you thikn you can't wear red, think again -- there is a perfect red out there for everyone. You need to want to wear red. Don't fear the color red, embrace it!



4/20/2008 2:08:44 PM
Make-up lover said:

Make-up! I cant live without it


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